There seemed to be a theme in my efforts to show Penny all the great reasons I lived in California for 30 years. I wanted to show her this GREAT little western town that I used to spend so much time in!

Paramount Ranch’s film history ranges from the dawn of the talkies to the arrival of 3-D movies (an interpretive display for 1953’s Bwana Devil stood partly melted), and all the way to our age of streaming and binge TV viewing. Across from the devastated Western Town and the blackened riparian forest along Medea Creek, dammed for the filming of Huckleberry Finn in 1931.

Full list of credits for Paramount Ranch: HERE

Paramount Ranch – Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area

This is one of the things I was very excited to show Penny but when we got there this is all that was left. Apparently in November of 2018 the Woolsey Fire completed decimated the area and one of its victims was Paramount Ranch!!

The famous church in HBO’s Westworld had somehow remained untouched by the blaze.

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