Walk Along Rainbow River

The Rainbow River is a gently winding river that is 5.7 miles long and merges with the Withlacoochee River at Dunnellon, Florida. The headwaters, Rainbow Springs, is the anchor for Rainbow Springs State Park. This first-magnitude spring is not one large vent but is numerous vents that issue 400 – 600 million gallons of crystalline water every day. Rainbow Springs State Park is a popular destination to swim, snorkel, canoe, picnic, or stroll on the walking paths to enjoy the many plants and animals that abound here.

So the trailhead gets your attention right away, the minute you start. This is the sign at the beginning of the walking path that follows along the Rainbow River. Penny had to think a bit before agreeing to take the walk along the trail.

There was not much question that during our hike we were in the Florida swamps right away!

Rainbow River
Lots of Kayaking

AND… our first alligators in the wild!!!

There were only two of them just laying there and after watching them for a few minutes here comes a third one crawling up to join them!!

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