This was a long trek… 1,475 miles. Our first stop along the way was on our bucket list so had a good time boondocking on BLM land at Quartzsite, AZ!!

Second stop was at another casino, Desert Diamond Casino in Tucson, AZ. I put a couple of dollars in a machine and almost immediately won $60… cha-ching, CASH OUT!!! Done for the night.

Next stop was at the Recycled Roadrunner rest stop, Las Cruces, NM. The roadrunner is the official state bird of New Mexico, which explains why artist Olin Calk built a giant recycled roadrunner — 20 feet tall and 40 feet long — in Las Cruces in 1993.

Photo by Penny Scheierman

Finally a stop with electricity and water!! Monahans Sandhills State Park, TX. When the sands of Monahans formed it was thousands of years ago. Some trace its origins to the Rocky Mountains in New Mexico, where remnants were eroded in the Pecos River, and eventually were blown by the wind into the area. … And to this day, they are what causes the sandy dunes to shift, sometimes up to 60 feet.

Finally reaching our destination after a very long trip! Mill Creek Ranch Resort in Canton, Texas is an upscale resort only 60 minutes from Dallas. Here, first class amenities, gracious hospitality and a belief in the preservation of our natural resources make for the perfect vacation getaway. Our RV park continues to win awards and accolades with so many amenities and services; we strive to be the best RV park and Resort you will ever visit. See more photos HERE.

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